The idea of the HEADS project is to leverage model-driven software engineering and generative programming techniques to provide a new integrated software engineering approach which allow advanced exploitation the full range of diversity and specificity of the future computing continuum. The goal is to empower the software and services industry to better take advantage of the opportunities of the future computing continuum and to effectively provide new innovative services that are seamlessly integrated to the physical world making them more pervasive, more robust, more reactive and closer (physically, socially, emotionally, etc.) to their users. We denote such services HD-services.

HD-services (Heterogeneous and Distributed services) characterize the class of services or applications within the Future Internet whose logic and value emerges from a set of communicating software components distributed on a heterogeneous computing continuum from clouds to mobile devices, sensors and/or smart-objects.


The main objective of the HEAD project is to:

Enable efficient exploitation of the broad diversity of the future computing continuum for rapid service innovation of advanced services, by providing service developers with new agile tool supported software engineering methods enabling short innovation cycles


Objective 1: Provide service developers with new abstractions to develop HD-services

Objective 2: Provide platform experts with efficient means to capture their knowledge

Objective 3: Make the HD-service lifecycle safe, predictable and consistent

Objective 4: Manage the flow of big data across the future computing continuum

Objective 5: Provide seamless dynamic deployment and evolution of HD-services

Objective 6: Demonstrate its interest and generability and disseminate HEADS results

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