Objective 6: Demonstrate its interest and generability and disseminate HEADS results

Summary: This objective is to provide evidence of advantages (and limitations) of HEADS technologies and wide dissemination of the results and to prepare exploitation of the HEADS technologies by the industry.

Challenges: The main challenge is to carefully extract the HD-services requirements from actual industry cases and evaluating the HEADS technologies with respect to these requirements.

Approach: Two use case studies from two different domains (news and media industry and tracking and monitoring of goods and persons) that are complementary in their coverage of the future computing continuum will be implemented to demonstrate the applicability of the approach. All the four industry partners of the project have products which potentially can be provided as HD-services. During the project initialization all four industry partner will collaborate to formulate a set of requirements to the project. The two technology providers will take part in the integration of the technical results (tools and methodologies) and assist the use-case providers in the implementation of their use-cases. The project is organized as a set of development-integration-evaluation iteration to ensure an agile convergence towards highly exploitable results. Finally, the results will be assessed by the scientific community and other communities through various dissemination channels including publications at international conferences and workshops, contribution of technologies to the open source communities, and demonstration activities.


- An integrated IDE and methodologies which fits the needs of the industry partners

- A set of techniques and tools which can be integrated in the technology providers products

- Reports assessing the benefits and limitations of the IDE and methodologies

- A set of high-end scientific papers describing the approach and its applicability

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