HEADS Safe@Home case study at Telenor EXPO

HEADS project consortium is setting up a stand of eHealth services related to the HEADS Safe@Home case study at Telenor EXPO. We welcome you to join us 8-10 February for a demonstration of Safe@Home at Telenor EXPO.

Safe@Home is a smart-home system for helping elderly people to stay home as long as possible. The system will in addition to control equipment that are normally present in smart homes to make life comfortable (automatic light control, door locks, and heater control, etc.), have an additional focus on the situation for elderly people. One of the main fears for elderly people is the fear for falling and not get helped. This fear causes elderly to isolate and become less active, which in turn make them more exposed to illness.

The Safe@Home use-case implementation demonstrates how a home can be equipped with smart-home devices that are automatically provisioned with software and controlled remotely with use of HEADS tools. Further, the use-case demonstrates dynamic evolvement of the service by adding new service functionality while running the system. The system logic is specified using HEADS design language that specifically targets concurrent and reactive behavior and automatic code generation provides executables on applied platforms like Arduino and Intel Edison.

Safe@Home demonstrates fall detection by differential air pressure measurements and at the same time indicating the indoor location of the falling person by use of BLE technology. It is also demonstrated how Z-Wave devices are connected to the system to control equipment like lamps and stoves.

For more information on the HEADS innovations please have a look here.


Thursday, December 15, 2016

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