• Commercialisation of the HEADS component ThingML and attracting SINTEF TTO and Investinor to invest in TellU and ThingML. The investment is motivated both to do commercialization of ThingML, making ThingML a strategic competitive advantage for TellU, and evolve the business around TellU offerings including services originated in the HEADS Safe@Home use case.
  • 20 publications in events with high visibility, including four journal papers, two of them in the software engineering flagship journal IEEE Software and two in the highly ranked IEEE Component-Based Software Engineering (CBSE) conference. Taking into account being only two academic partners in this project, makes this an excellent achievement.
  • Organization of 15 hands on sessions (tutorials, hackathons and hands on workshops) for dissemination and evaluation by external users with more than 500 participants.
  • Exhibition of HEADS at Cebit 2016 and two stands at Cebit 2017 (one at the SAG pavilion and one at EU commission Digital Single Market pavilion), and exhibition of a HEADS-based stand at Vitalis 2017 eHealth exhibition.
  • Tellu Fall sensor system patent application has reached phase 2 processed for being a world-wide patent.
  • Some sub modules of HEADS have started to be recognized:
    • The npmi open source component developed in HEADS and provided to the Node.JS open source community has been downloaded millions of times and are steadily being downloaded about 100 000 times a month.
  • Contribution to other open source communities:
    • Edison Community
    • JavaScript and State.js, Discovered two errors in "Java script library" of state.js
    • Arduino Message Pack
    • Initial discussions with OW2
  • External contributions:
    • About 75 components contributed by externals to the open source projects of HEADS
  • Both HEADS use cases (Smart@Home from TellU and SensingNews from ATC) have received significant interest within their respective customer segments.
  • Significant acquisition of new HEADS based R&D project worth more than 7 M€ for HEADS partners, including: STAMP (H2020 project, with INRIA, SINTEF and TellU), Productive4.0 (ECSEL project, with SINTEF and TellU), RADAR-CNS (H2020, with SAG), Orange-Lab (Bilateral, with INRIA).
  • INRIA joined a joint lab with Nokia where the HEADS component Kevoree will be extended to integrate Network configuration and in particularly the deployment of Network Virtual Function.
  • The HEADS component ThingML has been integrated into two Master-level courses at University of Oslo and University College of Halden to be lectured and applied in the exercises.

Latest News

Final HEADS project results on the future computing continuum!

Jun 28

After 42 months of research on heterogeneous and distributed services for future computing continuum, HEADS project concluded in

Tellu participating at Vitalis 2017

May 02

Tellu participated at Vitalis 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 25th-27th of April 2017.

TelluCloud innovation developed in the HEADS project at EC's stand in CEBIT 2017

Mar 20

We are very glad to announce that Tellu AS has officially been selected as one of the top inn