The Highlights of the second period of the project (M12-M27) are the following:

  • Accomplishment of Use case implementations applying the HEADS IDE 
  • Focus on dissemination and evaluation by external practitioners through hackathons, tutorials, summer schools and hands on workshops with more than 400 participants
  • Some sub modules of HEADS are starting to be recognized:
  • Contribution to other open source communities 
    • Edison Community
    • JavaScript and State.js, Discovered two errors in "Java script library" of state.js
    • Arduino Message Pack
    • Initial discussions with OW2
  • External contributions
    • About 75 components contributed by externals to the open source projects of HEADS
  • Tellu Fall sensor system patent was submitted and has taken quite some publicity
  • Some successful collaborations with other projects 
  • HEADS ML used in research and education in University of Luxemburg , University College Halden, University of Rennes, ECNU in China, TUM and Fortiss in Munich
  • Promising contacts with industry based on HEADS results have been made with Nokia, Orange, Domos, Prediktor, Post
  • Clarified goals and roadmap for HEADS IDE in HEADS IDE: Workbench for developing HD-services 
  • Defined a set of specific KPIs that helped in doing more focused evaluations 
  • Revision of use cases for better evaluation of Heads technologies
  • Significant evolution of the HEADS technologies

Latest News

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Nov 14

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HEADS Paper accepted at GPCE 2016

Sep 08

HEADS paper "Automatic Non-functional Testing of Code Generators Families" has been accepted for presentation at the 15th International Conf