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Related EU Projects

ProaSense: The Proactive Sensing Enterprise
ProaSense addresses the challenge of designing an innovative and comprehensive approach to proactive intelligence, information management, problem solving and decision support. It aims to address several issues in the application of proactive intelligent information technologies and information visualisation of large amounts of data, the definition and monitoring of the contextual factors of decision making procedures, the efficient implementation of proactive intelligence environments within enterprise organisational structures and the application of socially-aware collaboration environments, and networks within enterprise environments.

Web site:


DIVERSIFY explores diversity as the foundation for a novel software design principle and increased adaptive capacities in collaborative adaptive systems. Increased diversity in the system provides a pool of software solutions that can eventually be used to adapt to unforeseen situations at design time. The scientific development of DIVERSIFY is based on a strong analogy with ecological systems, biodiversity, and evolutionary ecology.DIVERSIFY brings together researchers from the domains of software-intensive distributed systems and ecology in order to translate ecological concepts and processes into software design principles.

Web site:


Arrowhead is addressing efficiency and flexibility at the global scale by means of collaborative automation for five application verticals. That means production (manufacturing, process, energy), smart buildings and infrastructures, electro-mobility and virtual market of energy.

Web site:

Latest News

Final HEADS project results on the future computing continuum!

Jun 28

After 42 months of research on heterogeneous and distributed services for future computing continuum, HEADS project concluded in

Tellu participating at Vitalis 2017

May 02

Tellu participated at Vitalis 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 25th-27th of April 2017.

TelluCloud innovation developed in the HEADS project at EC's stand in CEBIT 2017

Mar 20

We are very glad to announce that Tellu AS has officially been selected as one of the top inn