The HEADS consortium includes 5 independent organisations from 4 different countries, and is made up of 2 research partners, 1 Technology partner and 2 User case partners. The consortium has been carefully selected to provide the multidisciplinary competences required to develop the HEADS approach and different application domains to ensure the relevance and impact of the project results. The consortium is very international and only includes organizations which expertise is internationally recognized. Each partner has a distinct and complementary role to play in the project. This is summarised in the table below.


Partner Role in the HEADS Project
Stiftelsen Sintef, SINTEF ICT institute (SINTEF)

Project coordinator: Leader of WP7 -  Management

Technical coordinator

Leader of WP2 - Languages, models and tools for engineering HD-services

Development of HEADS components targeting resource-constrained devices (WP3)

Integration and contribution to the HEADS methodology (WP5)

Dissemination activities to the software engineering, service engineering and MDE scientific fields (WP6)

Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA)

Leader WP5 - Methodology and tool integration

Integration and contribution in the HEADS methodology (WP5)

Contribution to dissemination activities to the software engineering, software architecture, distributed systems and embedded systems scientific communities (WP6)

Tellu AS (Tellu AS)

Leader of WP3 - Resource-constrained devices and networks

Provide requirements to the HEADS technologies and methodology (WP1)

Assess the HEADS results based on a use case in the domain of security monitoring based on a monitoring and sensor platform (WP1)


Leader of WP4 - Cloud-based platforms for testing and data management

Assistance in the development of the use cases (WP1), especially the ATC use case in the media domain

Coordination of the project exploitation activities and plans (WP6)

Manage relations with open-source communities and standardization organizations (WP6)

Athens Technology Center S.A. (ATC)

Leader of WP1 - Use cases, requirements and validation

Leader of WP6 - Dissemination and Exploitation

Manage and coordinate the definition of the case studies and their implementation in order to extract (WP1) requirements to the HEADS approach

Manage and coordinate the validation of the HEADS results through their requirements (WP1)

Assess the HEADS results on a use case in the domain of media services (WP1)

Responsible for the project web site and dissemination activities (WP6)

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